Where Did All the Girls Go?

I don’t know about you but I feel like this season has flown by and nothing has even happened! The more girls are falling for Nick the more he is saying sayonara! I really felt for Danielle M, Kristina, and Danielle L when they got eliminated because it seemed like they are all really genuine girls. I do think Kristina is a little young for Nick but she is a great catch and will surely find a man in no time. I really thought Danielle L or as they call her D.Lo was a front runner and was for sure going to be in the final four so I was really caught off guard when he sent her home. Danielle M is such a sweet heart and Nick probably needs a girl like her even though he would rather have a girl that will give him more of a challenge. So now we’re left with the final four. Corinne, Rachel, Raven, and Vanessa. I like Raven a lot but I’m still convinced there is no way Nick is moving to Hoxie and Raven has a business being a small boutique owner so is she really willing to leave her small town and head to the big city of LA? I just don’t see it even though she is a total sweetheart. How did Corinne seriously make it this far without a one on one date. I really felt bad for her last episode when she went to Nick’s room and he turned her town because guess what Nick – You did the exact same thing sneaking into Andi and Kaitlyn’s rooms prior to the fantasy suites. I don’t think Nick is that into Corinne or I think he would have sealed the deal with her. I guess it’s a blonde thing. Nick is so bias with liking brunettes it’s honestly a little weird. I also think what has added to the extreme mundane of this season is the fact that they haven’t gone to really good places. I know they say it doesn’t matter and the formula is the same no matter where they go but I truly think when they go to more exotic places it makes it more interesting to watch. I think these past couple places they went to have been a snooze fest. Hopefully Finland will make up for lost time – otherwise we’re all in trouble. Now, onto Rachel being the Bachelorette. I really wasn’t into her at first because the gap between her teeth gives me anxiety but she’s starting to grow on me. I hope her season isn’t a doozy and they go to some better places and I truly hope she does find love. In the meantime I think we are all looking forward to seeing most of Nick’s girls on Paradise as they will be extremely entertaining to watch. This weekend they film the women tell all so looking forward to that when it airs next week. Can’t wait to finally meet Raquel tonight! Cheese pasta please!




Time for the Dreaded 2 on 1

This was by far one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen! That voodoo shit they did to Taylor was the icing on top of a perfect episode. I’m team Corinne and have been since day one. I truly do feel that Taylor bullied her and was picking on her. If Taylor could just concentrate on her own relationship with Nick and stop worrying about Corinne everyone would have been a little happier but no, Taylor had to keep going and probing at her. Sorry, Taylor but I really do not think you will be getting clients lined up at your door to discuss their mental health issues when you clearly have some of your own. I was watching SomethingNavy chats during the commercial breaks and she said it best that Taylor actually seems miserable. Why else would she put all her energy into talking about Corinne. I was really happy Corinne won the date because she deserved it. Buh bye 23 year old little girl Taylor. You’re the one that does not have the maturity to be with a 36 year old man. Next, let’s talk about Rachel. I honestly think she is SO boring. Why is everyone obsessed with her? I do not get it at all. Nick being into her is making me like him even less. I just don’t see it at all. Maybe he thinks there is chemistry but the only thing I see is the size of that gap between her teeth. Can she please NOT be the next bachelorette? Also, I think it is important to point out that the locations so far have sucked this season. They also have been pretty bad for the past few seasons. What happened to exotic locations like Thailand, Europe, and Uruguay. Now, I know they are going to Finland for the final rose ceremony but Finland doesn’t shout romantic to me? It shouts freezing cold and miserable. Finally, I cannot stand how they keep ending with too be continued. It got old, fast and they need to go back to ending with rose ceremonies because we need closure!

Until next time…



What’s With All the Hoop Earrings?

Seriously what’s with all the hoop earrings this season? I just don’t get it. They make cute girls look trashier. Ranking hoops that need to go #1 Alexis #2 Taylor #3 Vanessa. Please get rid of them!!! Also, I know girls are hating on Corinne telling her she’s too young and spoiled to provide for a 36 year old man like Nick but hey Taylor is only 23 right? What makes her so qualified? I actually like Corinne. She reminds me of Courtney Robertson 2.0 and hey Courtney won right? I’m just baffled by some of Nick’s picks so far. Like Christen with a C and Jaimi with an i. You kept them over Lacey and Elizabeth? People are saying Nick doesn’t go for blondes but Corinne is blonde too so I don’t agree. I just like don’t know what he is doing with Jaimi with an i and Christen with a C the virgin. Is Nick seriously going to consider marrying a virgin when he’s already slept with half of bachelor nation? Like bye Christen. It made me sad that Lacey and Elizabeth were sent home. Domonique on the other hand deserved to go. Has she ever seen the show before? Whining like that does not get you a rose my dear. I’m really into Astrid, Danielle L, and Whitney right now. Also, Vanessa is growing on me minus those damn hoop earrings! Also, if anyone watched Corinne’s live insta story after the show she explained that the whipped cream was a joke for Nick’s birthday so cut her some slack. I’m not feeling Rachel at all to be honest. Everyone’s rooting for her as next bachelorette but to be honest I think she seems too shy for the roll. Also, I know Raven is a fan favorite and she is growing on me but is she really going to leave her cute boutique in Hoxie, Arkansas for Nick or any other guy for that matter? So many women have moved for a guy on the show to make it work – Des for Chris, Catherine for Sean, Kaitlyn for Shawn B, etc. Not saying it wouldn’t work as I know Jordan moved for Jojo but I just don’t see it with Raven for the fact that she legit owns a store there. I think Taylor needs to go asap. I know there is drama with her and Corinne next week but I’m actually team Corinne. Taylor seems SO young and annoying and bothers me. Let’s hope next week he gets rid of Christen and Jaimi. Really want to see more of my girls Astrid, Whitney, and Danielle L.



The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Bachelor is back! I have been a loyal fan of ABC’s The Bachelor since the very beginning. I watched Alex Michel choose Amanda and then watched Trista and Ryan’s love story unfold with the first televised wedding from the franchise and I was hooked. I have always fantasized about love and ironically was never in love at least that was reciprocated until I met my now husband. It all started with Jasmin and Aladdin who made me think there was a Disney prince out there to sweep me off my feet and The Bachelor just validated that fantasy. My recent favorites include Are You the One? on MTV and Coupled on Fox which was cancelled after only one season but it was SO good! Over the year’s I got hooked on all shows about love including Millionaire Matchmaker and even Flavor of Love and Tila Tequila. I was also really into scripted shows like Gossip Girl (Blair and Chuck) and the OC (Seth and Summer forever) which make me think this type of love could be real and I wanted it so bad to the point where I think I scared guys away because I would try too hard to make them like me. However, taking the cake is Ross and Rachel from Friends (they totally weren’t on a break) and my favorite show in the world How I Met Your Mother’s Ted and Robin. Ted is such a hopeless romantic and all I wanted was for Robin to love him back. Back to The Bachelor where I will recap my thoughts each week on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the most amazing show that was ever created. If you haven’t watched Jimmy Kimmel’s episode which aired after The Bachelor on Monday it was hilarious as he mentioned the need to taser his wife from all her excitement when the show is on. I got to a point where I didn’t like watching with friends anymore because they would talk during the show and I need to watch in complete silence. Thank goodness for DVR now where I can pause it if my husband starts talking or I can stop to check twitter to read hilarious comments. Yes, my husband watches the show with me and I believe he actually enjoys it. So much that he gets mad if I start watching it without him. He gives back to my guilty pleasure since I have to put up with NFL on 4 out of 7 days a week for 6 months of the year. My dad also loves the show and we talk weekly about our favorites. Oh it’s nice that the men in my life can bond with me over my amusement over these beautiful people that expose their lives on television. I always thought it would be so cool to be a producer on the show getting to travel the world and help people find love. How do you get to be a producer for The Bachelor anyways? Ashley I recently started a podcast with some producer for the show Naz who is 26 years old. How do you land that gig at 26? It would be nice if jobs like this in Philadelphia existed but they don’t. I can’t imagine living on the west coast and having to wait three extra hours to watch the show. Isn’t it completely ruined on social media by the time you west coasters watch it? I love the east coast just because we get to watch shows first. Anyway, I just have to say I do think Nick is attractive but he NEEDS to desperately shave his beard, like now. I cannot stand it and thought he was so much better looking without it. It seriously made him age like 10 years and he needs to look younger for the fact that most of the girls on the show are in their early twenties compared to his late thirties. The first episode is always a snooze fest since there are no real dates yet and they don’t even give intro videos for all of the girls. I do have to say I hated Vanessa’s dress way too printy and not flattering and for everyone making fun of all the girls in red – red has always been my favorite color so I think they all slayed with their choice. My favorites from night one were Danielle L – yes she has amazing hair definitely a Caila look alike and Danielle M – definitely a Whitney B look alike. I also think Whitney and Astrid (I’m really sorry your name is Astrid though) are really pretty girls and can anyone tell me why Jaimi was picked to stay over some of the girls he let go? Angela had way too much makeup on and damn Kristina I didn’t see that accent coming when you started talking. She definitely has the Kaitlyn/Andi look down being petite like Kaitlyn with dark locks and a cute smile like Andi. I understand Rachel and Nick’s conversation may have had depth but I just can’t take the gap in her teeth. She does have pretty ripped arms though but that gap – just no. Anyways, until next week

xoxo mrsberg